Who We Are

Being Bohemian means living a lifestyle that is unconventional, often with other like-minded people or friends. Bohemianism is associated with adventures, enjoyment, wandering, vagabonds and other similar things that are far from being conventional.  

It is a lifestyle that celebrates freedom above everything. Freedom to living, freedom of choice, freedom of expression, freedom of enjoying life, freedom of knowledge and freedom of being. It is un-traditional and un-orthodox in every sense.

We at Bohemian Café follow the same culture that includes music, art, literature, spiritualism and food among other things. It is all about celebrating life that is not traditional. Celebrating lives that are not bound by social rules that limit all human beings in many different ways. However, Bohemianism is also means learning about life in a different way. Through music, art, culture, food and drinks. It is about finding more freedom in understanding the world and nature. It’s about being a vagabond and exploring new places, people, things, ideas and redefining life. It is also about challenging rules and being free spirited. Being quite different from what society expects a person to be. Bohemianism celebrates youth and the adventurous, fearless spirit of young people.

Located just beside South City Mall in South Kolkata and Allenby Road in Central Kolkata, it is one of the most happening destinations. Its openness welcomes everybody and the warmth oozes out of the cozy interiors.

Food and Drinks are naturally connected with Bohemianism. Like other things, they want their food to be unconventional and non-traditional. They want to be in a comfortable place where they will be free to have fun and enjoy their meal with their like-minded friends. A place where they can be free from being too conventional.


food celebrates unconventional and non-traditional food and beverages. Food that is comforting and harmonious with the Bohemian spirit. It celebrates the culture of freedom and independence. It is definitely a place for adventurous, free-spirited, unconventional and fearless people.

This place welcomes people who have a different approach towards life. Bohemian Café is for everyone. Even those who want to know more about the Bohemian life. The food and drink offerings are new and unique. It offers a place where people can be free and enjoy themselves without worrying about the world. This place is for freethinkers, rebels, liberals, adventurers and wanders. Eat, Drink, Enjoy and Have a Good Time.

Explore & Experience the Bohemian way with Bohemian Café.





Location 1: Bohemian Café- Beside South City Mall- Lane next to Petrol Station
Location 2: 1 Allenby Road, Kolkata-700020
Contact Number: 9831727100